(I dont facebook much)
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Here You have landed at my blog somehow :-)
I am Vineet (aka vincian), currently pursuing my B.Tech Degree in Computer Science from National Institute Of Technology, Srinagar ,India.
Lord Krishna was born in my city.
I'll try to keep updating contents of this site but dont expect much from here. Am a little lazy.
I love coding, web-development, playing around with Linux/BSD systems,Routers,Switches blah blah blah.
I also like reading Comics *yes i still read 'em*, Novels (i just finished James Potter and Morrigan Web)
and one last thing, Cartoons :-D. Usually I prove to be contrary of what everyone think about me.
That's all about me for now.
I don't tell much to strangers :- / .

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last updated on 12 April 2014