True Stories!

All you gotta do is not to fuck around and fall in love, and its all good.
-- hmir

They must hate british, why do they hate us.. ( they == pakis )
-- me

Well.. Food is important.. ok ?
ok ok ok ok ok ?
-- tigris

Humans were not made to sit at a desk in front of computer all the damn time.
Live it up guys :-/
-- smokey

Will you please just listen to me. Its not me, Its you.
-- smokey

I am like one of those parasites that crawl up your pee hole.
-- wix

Guess what ..I am afraid i forgot to wipe ..

In murrica, Nobody cares about nobody..
People will stab their own mommas for a dollar.
-- smokey

Why do girls hate me ? meh
--wix (tigris)